Friday, August 6, 2010

Today's Gaze - Today I'm A Lady

I don't usually do posts on the 50L Friday items, just because...well, I'm pretty slow to post most of the time. :) But I just had to do one today because I picked up some items that were just TOO GOOD to miss out on!! Especially if you love pretty, ladylike fashion as much as I do!

[All SLurls will be at the bottom if you don't feel like reading!]

Review - Today's Gaze - Today I'm A Lady

From Surf Co. comes this adorable little dress called Somer. The skirt is a sculpted marvel. The folds just look sooo good!! I did have to work with the chest fold a bit to get it out of my chest, but unless you have super massive boobs, it shouldn't be a problem. Today for FLF you can get Somer in Goldenrod [which I'm wearing] or Tomato for, of course, just 50L.

Also for FLF, Tiny Bird has an AMAZING deal!! Autumn has put out four color packs of her "Greatest Hits" hairs. There are 5 hairs to a pack and each pack is just 50L, so you'd be crazy not to pick it up! [Um, unless you're a guy. It's all female hair.] I'm wearing Love Love Love in sandy blonde. I actually had most of this hair already, but in different colors, so don't think I wasn't in there picking up more packs! Even the hair with the cans for rollers is included! Go!!

I'm also wearing the ladylike little Ribbon Slingbacks in cream by G Field, and the Glass Flower necklace by Paper Couture, both of which I think really pull the look together. My skin is the new Isolde by Exodi, which I'm wearing in makeup #12 in the Vivante skin tone. My pose is from the Playful Fairy set by Exposeur.

Today is the big FLF One Year party later tonight, and it's also OMGWTF Barbeque's birthday! IM Barb and give her birthday spanks!

In this post:

Skin: Isolde #12 by Exodi
Hair: Love Love Love in Sandy Blonde by Tiny Bird
Dress: Somer in Goldenrod by Surf Co.
Shoes: Ribbon Slingbacks in Cream by G Field
Necklace: Glass Flower by Paper Couture
Pose by Exposeur