Monday, July 27, 2009

Swansong - Mother Nature by Staged

The big talk today is the Swansong fashion event going on at The Black Swan sim. Swansong is the perfect name because The Black Swan, like all the Rezzable sims except for the Greenies place, is scheduled to close down soon. The show brings together the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water, and of course the fashions are very much not "everyday" wear. But that is what makes it fun!

New-to-me designer Dezi Jarvinen of Staged presented a gorgeous dress that made me want to dance around in fields of gold. [One of my favorite songs, btw!] The Mother Nature gown is just beautiful!

The flowing green gown appears to be wrapped over parts of the vines and there are attached leaves. You have the option of not having the vines wrapped around your arms, and if you're REALLY daring, you can even wear the gown glitch pants without the bikini bottom. Annnnd you can wear just the bikini top and bottom too! But I love the gown just as it is, with the vines and everything. Just LOVE!

You can pick up this beautiful gown for $750L at The Black Swan. Thank you, Dezi, for allowing me to blog this delicious earthy gown!

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Hair: Piper in Caramel by Maitreya
Eyes: Summer Woods by Miriel [No longer available]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Poses by {flowey}, Pffiou!, and Imperial Elegance

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ladylike Tops & Ripped Up Jeans

One thing I adore about most new designers is that they happily produce a LOT of new items to fill up their stores. And for people like me who shop a lot, that's a GOOD thing! My friend Magen Jigsaw of EmJay Designs is a joy to watch because she's so happy and excited about designing. And with good reason - because her items are just so cute!

I love these adorable little babydoll tops! In kind of a fun summery 70s-inspired print, these cute tops are almost a mini version of Magen's halter dresses. There are 3 prints available, and when I was at the store they were just $25L each, but I think that might have been a sale. So hurry on down there and pick them up for this price while you can!

I love a great pair of jeans, and these ripped up jeans are just my style!

They're low rise enough to let my butterfly hip tats show in certain shirts, but they also cover up my crack, which is awesome. LOL! Plus the rips are enough to let your skin show, but not enough to be skanky. Very cool! The jeans come in medium, dark, and super dark colors and were $50L last night, but I don't know if that will be the regular price. :)

Oh, and my shirt? It's a gift at the store! You know you want it! :)

There are lots of cool things and freebies/dollarbies at EmJay, and word on the street is that Magen is about to begin designing shirts for men, so go look around and shop!

Also in this post:

Skin: Hope in Natural [Sunkissed tone] by Tuli [group gift]
Hair: Wendy in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Intense Ocean/Obsidian by Sin Skins [$10L right now! Go go go!]
Lashes: Irresistible Look by Crissy Designs
Bottoms in first picture: Cargo Shorts by Malt [hunt gift]
Shoes in first picture: Jeweled Flats in Ice by 50 Flats
Shoes in second picture: PornStar Hi-Tops by Urban Bomb Unit
Necklace: Tayzia's Butterfly Finds A Necklace by Frippery [Collaborative RFL Gift]
Poses by {flowey} and Striking Poses

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pin Up Pretty!

I absolutely love costumes. Especially cute costumes that make me look amazing! So when I was asked what I'd like to review from Reasonable Desires, I bypassed the pretty lingerie and went directly to the Cigarette Girl costume.

Isn't it delish? Straight out of the 40s, you can't help but feel like a Vargas pin-up girl in this cute little number!

The outfit comes with the little dress, the optional panty bottom, stockings, pillbox hat, chest bow [which didn't fit me all that well, so I'm only wearing it once in the above picture], gloves, and 2 trays. Personally, I'm not huge on smoking, so I'd probably wear the "Presents" tray more than the cigarette tray, but both are so cute! You also can modify the tray to put in something like a gift or a landmark or notecard so that people can click on the tray to get it. How cute is that? For the low low price of $175L, this kicky little costume would be a great addition to your inventory.

Reasonable Desires has a great selection of costumes and lingerie, so it's most definitely worth a look!

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Hair: Tyra by ETD
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [No longer available]
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by Cake
Shoes: Pinup Heels by Stiletto Moody

Bikini Queenie

I love a good bikini. The problem I find with most bikinis in Second Life is that they tend to give away the farm. If I'm on the beach with someone special, I don't mind showing off in a teeny bikini, but for a beach party, I'd rather not be flossing.

SySy Chapman's new Halterbikinis are soooo perfect for public wearing! Especially since they come with little matching pareos. Check it out!

In 5 luscious colors [aqua, lavender, lime, orange, and pink], these bikinis are just adorably decent. And you can add the matching pareo to cover up even a little more. I did have some trouble with the pareo because I'm fairly slim and they didn't seem to want to resize down further so they were big on me, but if you're good with modding [and care that much], you can always adjust each prim individually.

Each bikini is a true steal at $95L and I don't believe there is a fatpack option available.

Be sure to wander around and look at all the other wonderful clothes that SySy offers. You're sure to find something great that you can't help but take home with you!

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Hair: Leah in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [No longer available]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Custom back tattoo by Lola79 Hienrichs by Otaku Designs

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pffiou! It's A King!

My adorable friend Laleeta Xue passed me a folder and a cute note the other day asking if maybe I'd review one of her new posesets. Honey, you didn't even have to ask twice. :)

Laleeta's store, Pffiou! has poses that are just like her - Cute, funky, and a little bit wild. Whenever I need a good "action" style pose, I always look to my Pffiou! posestand first. [I separate all my poses from different stores into different posestands. Easier that way!]

Her latest set for women, It's A King, is a little less wild than her earlier work, but that makes it a lot better for fashion blogging, which is always a plus to me!

You get 8 poses in the set for just $250L, or you can buy single poses for $35L. There is also a matching male pose set called It's A Queen, and the prices are the same.

Be sure to check out all the other poses, including a bunch of group and couples poses in the store. And look at the posters! You might even spot yours truly. ;) Thanks for letting me review for you, Lala!! <3

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 by LAQ
Hair: Twiggy in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Realism eyes in Icy Blue by FFX3
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Top: Glam Tank by MichaMi
Shorts: MO Hot Pants in Black by LeLutka
Shoes: Charcoal thongs by Reaction Girl
*R* Coquette Ring by U&R Dogs [Found in The Bunny Hop Hunt]
Custom back tattoo designed for me by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs

Monday, July 20, 2009

Today's Gaze: A Touch Of Class

Today's Gaze came together because of one skin, the Uma skin from Rockberry.

A very classy skin, it just begged for a classy outfit. This skin that I'm wearing with the red tintable lips was a free skin from Rockberry's Midnight Mania board. However, after a lot of moaning because how dare people have to go down and click on a board, this skin is now free just for the group members if you go to the store. Seriously, you guys. It's a gift. Don't be an asshole because you had to click a board. It's not like she hid it under a rock. :-p

I absolutely adore this top I'm wearing. The Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse from Pink Outfitters is just soooo pretty and classy! The pretty ruffles cover up all of the important parts, but depending on your skin, you might see a little hint of nipple since this shirt is sheer. But it's perfect if you wear a back tattoo like I do, because the tattoo is still visible. There is a fabulous $50L sale going on at Pink Outfitters until July 24th, so take advantage!

The belt & pants are from the Stay True outfit from Mischief. I think they give me some great curves on my hips, as most high waisted pants do. The pants themselves aren't really high waisted, but with the matching belt, they are. And with the large flares, my legs look about a million miles long. I love them. The shirt that comes with the pants is really pretty too, so it was very worth it!

My bracelet and earrings come from Eshi Otawara's Ballerina outfit from The Black Swan. Can you believe I picked up the outfit for $50L? I don't know when Black Swan is scheduled for closing, so if I were you, I'd run out there right away to check it out. The sim really is stunning and it's a huge loss to the Second Life community that it will no longer be available here.

I've had my fill of looking classy for today. I think it's time for jeans and a t-shirt. :)

Also in this post:

Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Hair: Isabella by Truth
Shoes: PinUp heels by Stiletto Moody
Poses by On The Cover, Flowey, and Imperial Elegance

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Midnight Mania On Conatus!

Two of my bestest best friends have stores on the same sim [next to the WTFug HQ too!] and they now have Midnight Mania boards!

My friend Natasha Burke has recently started her own shapes store, NataShapes! Her shapes are lovely and very "real girl." Currenly in her Midnight Mania board, she's offering her shape Sienna.

Be sure to look at Natasha's other shapes while you're at the store. All her shapes are copy/modify, and VERY decently priced at just $100L.

If you're into prefabs [and really, who isn't?], then you absolutely MUST go slap the Midnight Mania board at Ingmann Design! Currently in the MM board is a cute rustic home named Grandma's House.

This little house is a real prim saver at only 29 prims! It's built to fit on a 512sqm piece of land and is perfect if you want to build a little farm home for yourself. Oh hey, chicken farmers, you can use it for your home and have lots of room available for all your chickens! :) Here are a couple of other views of the house since designer Noelyci Ingmann was nice enough to rez one out for me so I could look at it. You all know how picky I am about my houses. But I knew this would be cute...after all, he DID design my own home. ;)

If you don't get in on the MM board, Grandma's House is a steal at $250L. Check out all the other awesome prefabs while you're out there. There are also a lot of eyes, AND a new lucky chair with eyes.

Lots to see on Conatus, and I'll be out there DJing this Tuesday evening, so it's the place to be!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beloved Roses Make Me A Doll

If you've never been out to Aisuru Rieko's store, Beloved Custom Designs, you are missing out! She is one of the cutest little creators on the grid, and her work reflects her adorable, whimsical style. From fantasy skyboxes to unicorn sets, she makes just the most precious things.

When she mentioned that she was making a doll key, my immediate thought was "Oh no, she's going to make me into a doll," because I knew I'd never be able to resist picking it up.

Then she decided to make the cutest rose couture skirt! She'll be giving away the skirt for free for the Shopping Cart Disco Reader Appreciation Day, so don't miss out on picking it up.

Check it out!

The Hime Gyaru Key is a must have for any doll on the grid! With a beautiful sculpted rose, you have several options for this key to change the colors to match your outfits. You can change the colors of the metal, the rose, and the pearl. It slowly spins around as well. I want to wear it everywhere I go!

The rose skirt is also made up of the gorgeous sculpted roses, and is also color change. I'm wearing it in pink, but I believe there are over a dozen color options to choose from. Hey Aisu, how about some hair flowers from these pretty roses??

The skirt, as I said, will be free on SCD Reader Appreciation Day, and the Hime Gyaru Key is a steal at $250L.

While you're at BCD, be sure to check out all of Aisuru's landscaping items, such as the wonderful trees and her pretty glowy grass. You'll just LOVE her work!

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 by LAQ
Hair: Giselle in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Cool Shimmer by Miriel [no longer available]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Top: The shirt of the Barlu Fiore Babydoll by Armidi
Shoes: Sasche Flats in Powder Puff by Armidi
Necklace: Tayzia's Butterfly Finds A Necklace by Frippery [Collaborative RFL Gift]
Poses by Long Awkward Pose

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EmJay Designs Now Open!

A couple of posts down, I showed you all some fabulous bikinis from one of the newest designers in SL, Magen Jigsaw. At the time that went out, she hadn't opened her in world location yet. Well, forget that, because EmJay Designs is OPEN!!

What else besides bikinis can you find at EmJay? Well, I was wearing these cute cute shorts and one of these shirts for hours yesterday. Guess which one I wore? ;)

There are several shirts like this at the store with different sayings, but you'll just have to go down there to look at them! :)

And Magen has also been doing eyes. She's getting really good at it, and this is coming from a girl who has been almost exclusively in Miriel eyes for over a year. Here's just a small small sampling.

Get your cute butts down to the new EmJay Designs store and shop shop shop! There is also a Subscribe-O-Matic and a freebie [cutie cuppycake shirt & undies!], along with jeans, shorts, shirts, more bikinis, eyes, and who knows what all will end up there!

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 by LAQ
Hair: Leah in Platinum by Truth
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Necklace: Tayzia's Butterfly Finds A Necklace by Frippery [Collaborative RFL Gift]
Poses by On The Cover

Monday, July 13, 2009

Foxy Roxy Rollers!!

Back in the early 80s, my older sister had a pair of roller skates that I coveted. They were white boot style, and I had never seen a pair so beautiful in my whole life - which, granted, was only about 5 years long at that point, but I so so wanted those skates.

Unfortunately, not being gifted with balance and having a pretty overprotective mom, I never was allowed to get skates like hers [or learn how to skate at all], and as I got older, the trend went to rollerblades, which were never as pretty in my eyes.

So when I saw the notice for the new Roxy Rollers at Pixel Mode, my eyes lit up and I felt 5 years old again. Only THIS time, I could get the beautiful skates!

The Roxy Rollers have the option of letting you have the skating animation or not, and you can change the colors of the wheels, laces, and the stoppers. I'm showing them in white, but a pair of black are also included in the pack. For only $450L, it is beyond a steal.

Thank you, Tya, for giving this ungraceful blogger the chance to finally own the beautiful skates she coveted over 25 years ago. Go on down to Pixel Mode and pick up your own today!

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 by LAQ
Hair: Giselle by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available]
Top: White Henley Tank by SecondWave Apparel
Shorts: Jordyn in Pink by Elephant Outfitters (Armidi)
Socks: Pink Tube socks, found in some old old old folder. LOL
Poses by Pffiou!

Friday, July 10, 2009

EmJay Keeps Me Half Naked!

One of my new friends, Magen Jigsaw, is a budding designer. When she asked me, very cutely, if I would maybe want to review some of her work, I jumped at the chance because as you all know, I do love new designers!

Magen's new brand, EmJay, is just as fun and colorful as she is! You won't be able to find her work in world just quite yet, but please check out her items on XStreet. According to her design blog, her new store should be appearing in world in the next couple of weeks. Hurry up on that, Magen! ;)

So what will you get at EmJay? Well, you saw a couple of posts down a really cute t-shirt I was wearing, so you already know there's t-shirts, but Magen has also designed a LOT of bikinis. And I know you bikini queenies out there are going to want to check these out. The bikinis fill two of my basic needs when looking for a bikini in SL. They are cute, and they cover up all of the important parts. AND they don't leave you flossing, if you know what I mean. Check it out!

I'm only wearing three prints in this photo, but there are MANY different prints to choose from, with more coming all the time! What I really like is on the top, the string actually appears to be going inside the cups, it's not just smooth at the bottom. One thing I would like to see is maybe a tie or clasp in the back, just to give it even more realism. But I've been running around my beach in bikinis for the past couple of days, so obviously it's not bugging me too much! Each bikini is $150L, or there are two different fatpacks available for $750L and $650L.

And you can't see them very well, but I'm also wearing a pair of EmJay eyes. I know, I took my beloved Miriels off! :) EmJay eyes are very uniquely colored, so definitely worth a look. Each eye color is $100L, or fatpack it for $650L.

Keep your eye on this new designer, because I have a feeling she's going to be worth watching!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 by LAQ
Hair: Charlotte in Platinum by Truth
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Custom back tattoo made for me by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs
Poses by Imperial Elegance

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today's Gaze: Strawberry Girl

My outfit for today just kind of fell together, mostly in part because of my friend Emerald showed some hair on her blog that I simply HAD to HAVE. Even though it wasn't blonde, I had to have it. And why?

Because of strawberries!!

Strawberries really are my favorite fruit, in taste and smell and look. [Well, I actually like the way cherries look more, but don't tell the strawberries that.] Emerald found the store Malizz Yiyuan Creation, which is a completely new store to me. But as I've mentioned, I loveeee new-to-me stores. Not only did I find the absolutely adorable Strawberry Hair, but I found more strawberry stuff! Emerald, I blame you for my spending today. ;)

The Strawberry Hair is really so cute with that headband [which I had to mod slightly, since I have a huge cranium], and although it only comes in brown, it's color scripted so you can tint it somewhat to make different colors.

I also picked up the cute little StrawBerrYum for my mouth, because once in awhile, you just need something sticking out of your mouth.

And I couldn't leave without those adorable Strawberry Big Star sneakers with the matching socks! The sneakers have a resize script, and as a little bonus, there's a cute little animation in the menu, too! It's not really necessary to the shoe, but I love hidden little things. :) One thing that you may not like is that when you walk, you leave a trail of strawberries. I didn't see a way to turn this off, but you might be able to figure it out.

I put it all together with one of the worn denim miniskirts from Tuli, and a Plain V from K&CO in spring green. And of course I was still wearing my awesome shades from JE*Republic that I showed off in my last post.

Today's Gaze leaves me feeling happy, summery, and strawberry scented. Check out Malizz Yiyuan Creation if you get a chance. There's Midnight Mania, a prize camping chair, and a lucky board. I won't say the items are of the highest quality, but they're fun AND inexpensive. And for me, it was well worth the trip!

Also in this post:

Skin: Belle in Silver Blue Rubies by Belleza
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available]
Necklace: Tayzia's Butterfly Finds A Necklace by Frippery [Collaborative RFL Gift]
Poses by {flowey}

Jungeun's RezDay Gift To Us!

Happy Rezday to JE*Republic designer Jungeun Vella!

To celebrate her rezday, she's given out some cutie sunglasses to her group! Just search JE*Republic in the group search and it should be the first one, or look up her profile. The group is open enrollment and free, so these are truly a gift!

I just love them! And for some reason this picture makes me think of Sweet Valley High and the Wakefield twins. It's almost 5am, I don't know. :) But I really love the glasses! They just went out today, so you have 2 weeks to join the group to get them before they're removed from the archives.

Thanks, Jungeun, and I hope you have a fabulous rezday!!

Also in this post:

Skin: Hope in Fair by Tuli [June picks reward gift]
Hair: Sophia in Platinum by Truth
Shirt: Blondes Do It Better by ::EmJay::
Necklace: Tayzia's Butterfly Finds A Necklace by Frippery [Collaborative RFL Gift]
Eyebrow piercing by Aisling Easterwood
Pose by {flowey}

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fab Fab Pony!

Since I'm so into the beach these days, I'm always on the lookout for new bikinis. When I heard about the new swimwear line from Fab Pony, I knew I just HAD to check it out! Now I'll admit that my very first impression of Fab Pony a few months ago was far from fab, but I'll tell ya, I'm starting to really really like that place!

The new Fab Pony swimwear collection has 5 different bikinis, but I'm just going to show a couple here. You'll have to actually head out to the store to see the rest!

First up, the Wild Child Bikini.

The Wild Child is a fun little number with some fringe to bounce around as you run around the beach. I wasn't a huge fan of the fringe at first, but it's growing on me, and of course you don't have to wear the fringe if you don't want to. I just really love the texture and the print on these! The Wild Child comes in 2 colors for $289L each.

And my favorite of the entire group, the Disco Sequin Bikini!!

The Disco Sequin bikini is so much fun, and perfect for all those beach parties that are going on! It comes with the prim hip ties, which of course you don't have to wear. But it's just so freaking cute! I'm wearing it in Iced Plum, but there are 6 colors available. They are $229L each, or fatpack it for $1005L.

I also paired this bikini up with Fab Pony's Viper sunglasses in Animal Plastique. There are 7 colors of sunglasses for $149L each, or $749L for a fatpack. I think they're adorable!

Fab Pony also has prize camping, and a lot of cute things that you can doll up your wardrobe with, so definitely worth a look!

Also in this post:

Picture 1:

Skin: Blondie by LAQ, makeup 02
Sunglasses: Stoke Sunnies by Reaction
Hair: Grace II by Frangipani [No longer available. Does anyone know why the store was closed?!]

Picture 2:

Skin: Blondie by LAQ, makeup 02
Hair: Twiggy in Platinum by Truth
Bracelet: Tiffany Charm Bracelet by ~flirt~, via Designer Showcase Network

Back tattoo custom designed for me by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs

Poses by On The Cover and Striking Poses

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Truth is...It's all gorgeous!

I get a little giddy when I hear Truth Hawks say he's working on new hair. [And he's working on new hair 95% of the time!] I get freaking ecstatic when it's released! This week's new releases are soooooo cute!!

Stephanie - A long gorgeous style, it's much like his Elle hair, but like it's been straightened and blown out. LOVE.

Charlotte - Such a gorgeous ladylike summer style complete with a color change headband. Just click on it to bring up the menu. I love headbands in my real life, but don't look great in them. This is just perfect!

Grazia - A short short bob of luscious waves and curls, this is just a wonderful summer style! I'm not actually a fan of super short hair, in any life, but I will definitely be boppin' around in this one.

All of the new releases are now available at the mainstore. $225L for a pack of colors, or $1500L for a fatpack. A steal at any price. :)

Oh, and because I'm vain, don't forget to check out my pretty pretty picture that the fabulous Skyhawke Sodwind of Sacred Studios did of me. [Oh, and some other girls too, but I'll talk about that on my personal blog later. ;)

Also in this post:

Skin: Blondie 02 Fair Glow by Laqroki
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available]
Lashes: Diva lashes by LeLutka
Top: Lilian tank in Aqua by Exodi
Custom Tattoo by Lola79 Hienrichs of Otaku Designs
Poses by Imperial Elegance

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A little Gypsy is good for the Soul!

Last year during a Dress Me Up Challenge, a friend of mine pointed me towards a brand new store to me, Gypsy Soul. I fell in love with the pretty clothing, so I've had my eye on the store since then.

I was really excited when I got the notice that they had some new cute dresses out, especially since I'm a HUGE fan of cute summer dresses! I never never can have enough casual cute dresses. So I ran right out today and picked up a couple!

The Americana [on the left] is an adorable tiered dress that is definitely great if you're not into showing a ton of skin. The textures remind me of old soft fabric. You know you have that favorite old cotton dress or shirt that just feels so good. You can pick it up this weekend for the sale price of $150L!

The Lounger is JUST what I've been looking for lately. A gorgeous sundress in muted colors, it shows just the right amount of skin and is so pretty and decent. You could wear this to any beach party, and then go shopping without having to change! I'm wearing it in blue, but it also comes in a cream/brown color. A definite summer staple, the Lounger dress is $300L.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday weekend, and if you're not from the States, have a great weekend anyway! :)

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Natural by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available]
Hair: Isabella on the left, Romy on the right, both by Truth
Poses by Pffiou! and Imperial Elegance
Sparklers by Sai Pennell

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ooh, Alluring!

Cutie pai Sai Pennell of Imperial Elegance is one of my very favorite fashion blog posemakers. I don't say this because we're friends, or because we're neighbors, but because it's simply true. If you blog clothes, you owe it to yourself to check out her poses. Always elegant, they put your body in the perfect poses for showing off clothes without stretching the body too crazy. I know that I use her poses very very often when showing things off!

Sai does a new release at least once a month, usually at the beginning of the month. For July, we get this wonderful new set - Allure!

Sai also has a picks reward gift for July, which I was unable to get photos of tonight, but it's cute! It's 2 poses called Fly Away and they are truly cute! So be sure to get her store in your picks when you go to pick up Allure! :)

Also in this post:

Skin: Hope in Sunkissed tone by Tuli [June Picks Reward Gift]
Hair: Sophia in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel [no longer available. *sobs*]
Lashes: Diva by LeLutka
Shirt: Drama Queen "Too Sexy For" by Exodi
Shorts: Booty Shorts by League
Bamboo Bare Feet by SLink

Visiting Gwendolyn

As I've said before, I love meeting new designers. It's actually kind of a passion of mine in SL - to find new designers and watch as their talents grow. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Gwendolyn Bieler because of my other blog. She told me that she was an interior decorator, which I always think is kind of cool because I'm horrible at it myself. So a few weeks ago when she mentioned that she was beginning to put some furniture together, I was quite excited. And a few days ago she dropped me a note saying she had opened a store. As soon as I had a free moment, I bounced out there to check things out!

Nestled into a charming little shopping area, Gwendolyn Bieler Interior Design is a pretty little shop with pretty furniture! While I was in the shop, Gwendolyn came in and we had the chance to talk a little bit while sitting on the lovely Alice set.

Gwendolyn is quite honest in that she uses builders' packs of sculpties to put her works together, but most of her textures are her own creations. She is working on more textures [I got to see one she was working on, it's so awesome!] and will also have texture packs available in the near future. If you rely on textures for your own work, and I know I sure do, you're definitely going to love what she creates! She wants to help people create cohesive feeling spaces, and would like to be a place not just for furniture, but for entire home design. So when you go to pick up a couch, you will also be able to pick out the matching wallpaper, curtains, etc. I think that's simply marvelous because I know I so often have trouble figuring out what exactly goes together.

Although the store is still quite small, you can see that Gwendolyn is off to a terrific start!

Keep your eye on this store, because I have a feeling it's going to just get better and better!!