Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Dandy!

I had a post planned for today to welcome in the new school year, but Miel totally pushed that plan aside because I just HAD to blog this new dress and super cute new boots!!

The Dandy dress and boots are just the cutest things I've seen in a while! Check it out!

Review - Miel - Just Dandy!

The Dandy dress has a very low cut top [I think I'll be wearing a tank underneath later, because I'm kind of modest] and an incredibly cool sculpted skirt! The skirt has script options to change colors for the 2 layers, pockets and belt. You know I LOVE options! I'm wearing the top and the first layer of the skirt in Sail, and there are 5 colors available to mix and match with. You can buy each color individually, but why? You need all of them! You also have the option of having the skirt with or without dandelions in the pocket, and there is also a little bunch of dandelions you can hold! I'm not holding them, but believe me, they're adorable!

And the Dandy boots? Well, just look at them! Kind of slouchy, but not beat up at all, and they have the great lacing in the back. I'm wearing them in Solid, but there are also some with a light floral print and trust me, those are just as precious as can be.

Get yourself over to Miel now!!

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  1. Oh cool - I saw that notice last night and wanted those boots . . . but then I read that they were sculpt and "might need some adjusting" and then I got this image of myself curled up in a fetal position somewhere shaking and covered in Edit arrows and sobbing and sobbing and shaking some more with mod-trauma so I said no run on sentence run on sentence run on sentence the end.

    Word verification: Bollyram
    Definition: An unfortunate and painful encounter with a klutzy Bollywood dancer -- best used as a verb. "I got Bollyrammed last night by that A-hole in MC Hammer pants."

  2. And actually it took so long to write that comment that ironically the word verification turned to "runcut," as in "you're running on and on and pretty much being obnoxious so CUT IT OUT."