Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Ouch, I have a toothache tonight! And why? Because of Candy Fair! It's so sweet, it made my teeth hurt! Candy Fair starts on October 4th, but I got a chance to head in early today to look around.

Style - Toothache!

There are three sims of sugary goodness that includes everything from clothes to poses to kids stuff to home decor. I will admit that I didn't care for a lot of the clothes that I've seen so far because I kept stumbling onto candy colored corsets, but I lost my mind in the poses and home decor section! The things for the kiddos are so so cute, too! There really is something for everyone at the Candy Fair.

The Candy Fair starts on October 4th and runs until October 18th. Remember to bring a toothbrush!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Mesh Hands by SLink
Nail Polish by Hello Dave
Hair: Flora in Red Amber by D!va
Top: Loose Knit Shorty Sweater by Valentina E [FaMESHed]
Shirt: Layering Tee by Jane
Jeans: Bootcut by One Bad Pixel
Boots: DOCS 8 Hole by Gos
* Riviera Bracelet & Ring by Cae [FaMESHed]
* My Little Bow necklace by Pekka
Pose & Prop: Sweet Thoughts by Mien [Candy Fair]


  1. Watch your sweets intake, Alicia. I know it was Candy Fair time and it would be a buzz-kill to do as such, but you wouldn’t want to deal with the toothache and possibe decay that might come after. Don’t forget to flush and brush after indulging yourself! Jason, Metro Dental Associates

  2. I agree. You’ve got to watch out your consumption of those sugary goodies, if you don’t want to deal with its excruciating repercussions in the long run. Nonetheless, you can still have fun at the Candy Fair, as long you brush and floss your teeth later.

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental

  3. The Candy Fair seems really fun and amusing. And it isn’t only the children who enjoy these kinds of events, but adults as well. Haha! Anyway, it’s okay to indulge in sweets every once in a while. But we must always take precautions when it comes to our teeth’s health afterwards. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, Alicia. Have a great day!

    Karen Perry @ Brookside Dental Care