Monday, September 6, 2010

Plurky Bloggers - Gone, But Not Forgotten

Time for the Plurky Bloggers challenge - week 2!!

This week's theme is Gone, But Not Forgotten. That means to post from designers/stores who have either closed or are on an undetermined hiatus. I knew JUST who I wanted to show! Like last week, I don't think I'll be giving SLurls, because some of these designers are just not in SL anymore and there isn't a way that you can purchase their items. [/sob]

Plurky Bloggers - 2 - Gone, But Not Forgotten

Hexed by Kya Eliot was one of those shops that the moment I walked into it, I fell in love with it. Kya had everything from pretty preppy clothes to more gothic attire to costumes to boots. Her textures were top notch and her prices were awesome. This dress, Patches, is the last thing I remember getting from Hexed, and that was well over a year ago. Kya's profile says that she's closed and looking for better high speed internet. Let's hope she finds it and comes back to us one day.

My hair is from the much missed Frangipani. It was always a bit of a mystery to me why Frangipani closed down. For a while there was a huge sale, and man, did I buy buy buy! Hair and clothes...mine mine mine. Then there was a new location, a new build, a few new releases, and then...a quiet goodbye. Heck, it wasn't even goodbye. It was more like "Where did they GO?" Designer Rach Snookums's profile holds no clues. If anyone knows why, I'd love to know!

My skin is the first release from Free Speerit, back in 2008. This is Desidelia in Smokey Green. My boyfriend at the time bought me fatpacks for our one month anniversary, and I wore the HECK out of these skins. I miss you, Desi!!

My necklace and ring are from very much missed ~flirt~. I had the joy of having designer Skinkie Winkler living on my island for a few months and I loved to see her little green dot on the map. I just knew she was creating wonderfulness above my head. Skinkie was probably one of the best prim torturers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I hope the physical world she left us for is bringing her much happiness and love.

The shoes on my feet are the cute Starley pumps by ever so much missed ETD. I've heard that Elika has been seen out and about in SL recently, and that she has a new sim, so I'm keeping my fingers triple crossed that she's embarking on a new project to put goodies on my head and pretties on my feet.

Of course I'm wearing eyes by Miriel. I mean, how could I not? I'm standing in front of a house by O-Magine, which closed a while ago, but you can still find their old homes on XStreet. I wish they'd do new stuff. The builds have all been wonderful. And my pose is by Striking Poses, which I don't believe updates any more, but is still somewhere hiding in SL.

Wow, sorry this is so long winded!

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  1. Striking Poses was "rescued" from closing by Martini Joliat and Austie Pegler and has found a home on the Reasonable Desires sim. It's at the end of the mall, here

    Nicely put together! I'm crossing my fingers and toes and eyes that Elika comes back too.