Monday, May 5, 2014

Floating Along

Okay, so, here's the thing. In my RL, I'm ridiculously scared of balloons. Not so much the balloons themselves, as I think they are pretty, but the very fact that they can pop just freaks me out! I have a phobia of sudden, loud noises. I know, I know. It's weird. So the chances of my carrying a big bunch of balloons like this in RL? Slim to none, and if I did have to, I'd be holding them like a bomb. But in SL, I get to enjoy the pretty balloons, so that is awesome!

Style - Floating Along

You know what else is awesome? FaMESHed! Zaara is out at FaMESHed this month with the Kalika tank top and the Elina shorts. I am in LOVE! Especially with the shorts, because I've been looking for new shorts that aren't denim and/or don't show off too much booty crack.

Do you ever go out to the Woodland Treasures gacha event? You totally should, especially if you're a kid av or you like super cute decor items. Pita Pocket is out there with their Little Carny Party set. There are several adorable items in the set, all carnival themed, but I'm just using the Balloon Cart for this picture. I know people are getting gacha burn-out, but this is so precious, you need at least a few items!

Happy shopping!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Lunara by Truth [New!]
Mesh hands & feet by Slink
Top: Kalika Tank by Zaara [FaMESHed]
Shorts: Elina by Zaara [FaMESHed]
Shoes: Geneva by Essenz [Designer Circle]
Little Carny Balloon Cart by Pita Pocket [Woodland Treasures]
Balloon Love Pose by What Next [Pose modified by me with Avimote]

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