Thursday, May 9, 2013

Keep it basic, b!tches

I'm having a case of insomnia tonight, so I thought I'd do Magenta's Basics, B!tches meme. I almost called her Skittles, which I guess would be what most everyone else knows her as, but in case you went to her blog and were like "Skittles? It says her name is Magenta! What's going on?!" then I wanted to save you any misunderstanding.

Um, anyway.

So Skittles wanted to know what our basics are. What do we go to first, what do we not leave the house with, etc. These are mine!

Keep it basic, b!tches

[Btw, I barely did a single bit of body editing to this pic, which makes me itchy. I did smooth out that jutting angle in my calf, though. I'm not totally crazy.]

I'm pretty simple, if that hasn't been obvious in this blog. But when I'm not blogging, I'm even more simple and it's not uncommon for me to stay in an outfit for days if I'm not blogging, OR switching back into a "more comfortable" outfit right after a blog post. I don't know why. :-p

Hair: I wear Truth hair pretty much 90% of my SLife. I'm most often in his Swedish blonde, but lately I've been doing the Fairyfloss color. Someone asked me why recently, and the only answer I can give is that it makes me happy. My second favorite hairs come from Wasabi Pills, and I have to admit, I am really liking the new textures from Exile. But Truth hairs fit my head the best. This one is Haven and it's the one I reach for almost immediately these days.

Skin: I flip flop between Pink Fuel and Belleza most of the time. I'll admit that I don't change skins too often. When I find one I like and that I feel is very ME, I'll stick with it for a bit, although I do enjoy demoing loads of skins. Currently I've been in Kumi from Pink Fuel because of the mesh hands from SLink, which I wear pretty much all the time now. They have the appliers for the hands, and I'm waiting patiently for the feet appliers. Which leads me to...

Feet: I'm in Gos Boutique feet pretty much always, the flat ones. I don't like walking around on the arched feet very much because it reminds me of Barbie dolls and it's odd to me. It sounds funny to say, but I really like my av to be comfortable! Since it's the easiest to match Gos feet to my skin, I'm in his feet and shoes pretty much always for now.

Eyes: I'd be hard pressed to find eyes I like as much as I love IKON eyes. Way way back in the day, I loved Miriel eyes, and Miriel made a blue color that was bright and gorgeous. I could not find anyone that could make that color again! But then along came Ikon and he made some blues that are bright and beautiful, so I'm a customer for life.

Lashes: I wear two at the same time, actually. Ryker Beck made some tattoo lashes a while back and I wear the Dramatic ones. Then on top of that, I have some super old alpha lashes from the former skin store La Sylphide. I love these lashes so much, I don't care that they're probably about 4 years old.

Tattoo: I've always had a back tattoo in SL. I'm not sure why, but I just always have. I found these back wings from HUZ for free on the marketplace and I just really like them! I think they're very well done. I AM looking for new wings, though, so if you know of any that don't look stupid or don't include sleeves or writing, let me know!

Underpants: I almost always have underpants on these days because with mesh skirts, you just never know who cut the alpha so your lady garden is on display. My faves are the Pop Unders from BOOM. I rarely wear a bra and just put one on for this picture.

AO: Currently I'm using the Daydream AO from Akeyo. Ulaa bought it for me as a gift when it first came out, but if I want something a little simpler without as much movement, I switch to the Akeyo Rookie Female AO which I believe is free or $1L on marketplace.

Shape: My shape is my own. I was a perfect standard size medium but I think there's some vanity sizing going on because I realized a couple of months ago that I fit better into a small and I hadn't changed my numbers at all. So I just went with it and adjusted a few things to fit into a small better. I love my shape a lot, I think it really suits me. My face is tweaked pretty much weekly, and any time I get a new skin, I move things around. I'll never never never be one of those people who thinks that changing their shape must obviously kill a kitten. I love to tweak it to see if I can make myself look a little better or to fit into something I really want to wear.

Thanks for a fun meme, Skittles!! ♥

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  1. You look amazing in pink hair, you totally don't need a reason!