Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today's Gaze - Star, White and Blue!

So sometimes...I'm not that fashionable. Sometimes, I just throw things together that I find and I think, "Oh cute! Not blogworthy, but cute!" But what REALLY makes something blogworthy in the first place? The simple fact that I like it, right? I liked this, so I'm blogging it. Maybe you'll like it, too. :)

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Review - Today's Gaze - Star, White, and Blue!

I was out at Love Soul looking at prim nails [my latest love] and I came across this kind of cute little outfit called *Star*. It had a shirt, some short shorts, and a visor. I had to buy it, because...hello? Visor! Now unfortunately, the shirt is only the "tucked in" version, which kind of sucks because I like most of my shirts untucked. But, it was still cute. The shirt comes with the arm star tattoos, and if you wear the shorts, there are some little booty and leg tattoos as well. And of course, this just adorable visor with stars on it makes me super happy!

I chose to not wear the shorts that came with the shirt and visor because they are cut a little too high in the front. If I need to wax just to wear some denim shorts, that's a big no in my book. I do love some short shorts, though, so I tossed on my trusty Booty Shorts from League. Hey, I said I didn't want to wax. I never said I didn't want to show my butt off!

From new-to-me store Sugar & Spice, I found these cute Red, White & Blue Star Sneakers. Too cute, and pretty inexpensive! That's two of my favorite qualities! And from Reek, I put on the red striped socks from his Slides sandals.

Was this the most "fashionista" thing I could have blogged today? Nope. But I feel super cute and no random boobs are hanging out! Score!

In this post:

Skin: Elle #15 by Belleza
Hair: Nicole.2 in Happy Blond by
Shirt and Visor: *Star* in blue by Love Soul
Shorts: Booty Shorts in light blue by League
Shoes: Red, White & Blue Star Sneakers by Sugar & Spice
Socks: Red striped socks from the Slides sandals by Reek
Nails: Color Change Sculpted Nails by Pixel Mode
Pose by Exposeur

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