Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Mischievous Cherry

Oh, I just adore the color pink. Just LOVE it! But that's to be expected as I am pretty much a huge girly girl. When I saw the notice from Cherry that they had an exclusive color of the new Rosario flats, and that the color was Glittery Pink, well...you know I had to RUN to get them!

Okay, so that's a lie. I didn't run anywhere, I got them on XStreet. But you get the point.

I paired them up with this just adorable new dress from Mischief called My Best Girl. So cute!

Review - Mischief, Cherry

This cute little sundress does have a sculpted skirt, which I know a lot of people don't like, but it's "fluffy" enough to work with a variety of AO poses without your hips and butt sticking out too much. I'm wearing it in Candy, and it comes in 5 different colors. You can pick it up at the Mischief mainstore. I suggest fatpacking!

The Rosario flats are also just precious. I don't usually like a lot of stuff going on with my flats, but I like the ankle band on these. You can get the exclusive Glittery Pink color at the Cherry mainstore or on XStreet. There are only 150 available on XStreet, and in world they're only available until the 17th, so snatch them up quickly! If pink isn't your thing [gasp!], you can pick up the other 5 colors at Cherry, too.

Go shop!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #14 by Belleza
Hair: Marguerite in Swedish by Truth
Pose by Glitterati
Photo taken at World's End Garden

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