Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tiny Bird Landed On My Head!

I love watching designers evolve and grow in SL. There are some from years ago that haven't really kept up with the times, but there are others, like Tiny Bird designer Autumn Hykova, that just keep getting better and better.

I've been lucky enough to have Autumn on my Plurk list since last year, when her store was Pixel Dust, and I've watched with interest as her skills just grow and grow. Her latest releases were just so cute, the minute she announced them, I had to hop over to pick them up!

New Soul is a very old-fashioned "Oh my, I need to keep my pin curls up before the swing dance with Tommy tonight!" type style. It's not that often that I pick up hair with curlers, but I just couldn't resist it! I'm actually wearing it in New Soul II, because I liked the bangs better, but there is New Soul I with the hair more swept up off the forehead.

And of course, after you take your curlers out, you need this pretty little style, Into My Arms. It's tight and sleek, with a touch of messy since all the bobby pins are showing. I think it's adorable! And there is a bobby pin to put into your mouth. Who hasn't held pins in their mouth while trying to do their own hair??

Now this last one is my FAVE. I had been searching high and low for the perfect messy short style. I'm actually not a fan of short hair on myself, in SL or RL, but this love love. This is called Kissy Kissy and well, it just looks like you've been doing a little kissy kissy and your carefully made pin curls from before are last night's news.

You can get a pack of 3 colors for $175L, or the Tiny Bird Pretty Pack for $999L. While I was writing this, I got the notice that the Kissy Kissy style will be available in 3 colors for $50 Linden Friday tomorrow, August 21st. I will be going to get it because I need more colors! :) A male style, Bereznyak will also be available.

Ok ok, stop reading. Go get some hair!

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Skin: Misty Pale in Classic Blonde by League
Eyes: Beloved Aquamarine by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by Cake
Shirt: Pirate in blue by Ducknipple

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