Friday, August 14, 2009

Beloved Optometry

I am eye picky. No, I mean, I am REALLY REALLY eye picky. The top brands of eyes out there, I usually don't care for at all. I've been a Miriel girl since early last year because the eyes had everything I wanted: clear beautiful colors, shine, they were big but not overly so, and the whites were bright and pretty. Whenever I've been complimented on my eyes, it was almost a sure bet that I was wearing Miriel's Open Ocean color. So when she announced she was closing her doors, I almost wept. And then I ran out to buy every color I wanted and didn't already have. I like to match my eye color to my clothes sometimes, so I needed a good supply. Since that time I've attempted other eyes. I've liked almost all that I've tried, but nothing ever came close to my Miriels, so I never really made the switch.

When my friend Aisuru Rieko of Beloved Custom Designs asked one night if anyone would be willing to test out a pair of eyes she was making, I jumped at the chance because 1, I love beta testing, and 2, it's Aisuru. Everything she makes is beautiful.

They were simply gorgeous! And after she fine tuned things...well... Look at the eyes for yourself.

I'm wearing them in Aquamarine, a shimmery blue tone with hints of lavender that just makes my face light up. They are clear, shiny, and OH SO pretty!

Keep in mind I use a bright windlight setting, so the whites aren't quite how they look on me, they do have more details.

At just $100L a pair, you get 2 sizes of eyes [I'm wearing them in Large, and there is a smaller size], and they are copyable, which is good if you make full outfits. And yes, there is a free pair you can pick up to test them out. Once you do, you will LOVE them!!! Aisu is also in the Starlust Hunt that begins today and there are 3 eyes available. :)

Go get some eyes and see your SL better!!

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  1. Oh yay! I can't believe I just now saw this, thanks so much for featuring them. I'm so glad you like them. I've been too wrapped up in silly computer issues I've had some head-up-butt syndrome lately. They look so pretty on you <3