Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elegant Living in Fricker's Loft

I have some super talented friends. The funny part is that they are talented in so many different ways! But I'm lucky because not only are they incredible people who are always there to make me laugh and support me and they allow me to share in their lives, but they give me pretty stuff too. :)

My friend Fricker Fraker is not only a great artist, but a wonderful musician and composer. Catch one of his shows where he performs on the Native American flute. It's beautiful music! So knowing this, I was pretty surprised when yesterday he said he'd built a skybox. What? Fricker builds? Oh yes, yes he does.

The Black Loft #1 skybox is absolutely one of the prettiest skyboxes I've seen in a while. It is simple and elegant. In a world where elegance is not always easily found, Fricker's loft is stunning. Check out the pics!

The texture work is just fabulous. Look at the shadows and lights!! This skybox is a prim budget friendly one at just 62 prims, 30x30 footprint, and includes the privacy window controller and the door slides open when you walk up to it. The ceilings are also high to allow for easy camming or photo studios. It is also modify/copy, so you can change anything in it, although why you would, I don't know. My favorite touch might just be the cute lights up at the top! But oh, that texture work!!

You can pick up your own skybox for $800L on Xstreet or get a discount and buy it for $750L at his new store, Fricker's Emporium.


  1. Wow. Isn't that just gorgeous. 800L? Niiice. Love the baked in prim light on the walls.

    err.. Frickin awesome!

  2. I am so glad you like it Alicia!Thnak you for this grat post! and Thank You Raven!
    I will be coming out with a white one later this evening. White walls are SO much harder to make textures look good. :)

  3. Great post Ali! <3

    Fricker...that is so nice!

  4. oh wow, thank you Alicia, i just found my new skybox :o