Saturday, August 8, 2009

Magi Take!

Have you ever wanted to shop, you didn't have a lot of money, and freebies weren't really satisfying your need to spend? [Hey, sometimes they don't!] Well, look no further than Magi Take! Magi Take is one of those stores that kind of flies under my radar a lot of the time, despite being unbelievably inexpensive and having some cute little things.

Designer Take Lowey seems to just design whatever strikes his fancy. Jeans, sweaters, jackets, even eyes. Lots of basics, which I love. A lot of the items are unisex, or can be modded to fit men and women, so that's pretty awesome. Also, almost everything I've picked up has been No Copy, so you can always transfer later to someone. I'm not going to say that everything is of the highest quality, but it's cute and cheap!

I'm standing in front of the Seaside House by Magi Take. Did I mention Take also makes prefabs and furniture? :) The Seaside House is $450L and 78 prims by itself, but also comes with a few furniture items. VERY cute. I'm *this* close to buying one.

My outfit I put together from clothing I found inside the store. The logo tee with Makeup was $5L, the Boyfriend Jeans were $5L, and the sneakers were $10L. The jeans were actually really baggy [I guess if you have a big boyfriend!] but I modded them to be tighter and made the cuffs smaller. I guess you could say I turned them into Girlfriend Jeans! For an outfit that only cost $20L, I think it's pretty cute.

Now we're inside the Seaside House! I'm still in the jeans, but check out my purple track jacket and purple sneakers. Those were free in-store group gifts! Yes! If you go upstairs where the furniture is [either cam up to sit in a chair to up stairs or go outside and take the stairs up], over in the corner is a bigggg selection of gifts for the group, which is free to join. It's like a huge sampling of Magi Take items, so if you're not sure, or you're just really flat broke, this is a great way to sample and get some cute things too. I actually bought a fatpack of the track jackets a few months ago for $40L [6 colors], but there are 2 extra colors up in the group gifts section. Most definitely worth a look!

You should explore Magi Island while you're there. I found some simply adorable shops! It also looks like you can rent homes out there, so if you get lost while wandering around, don't be surprised if you stumble into someone's house. :) All in all, it was a great little shopping trip for me today!

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly Pale by Free Speerit [Group gift a few months ago]
Hair: Leigh in Anxious Blonde by [In-store group gift]
Eyes: Big Eyes Heart by Magi Take
Lashes: Glamour by Miriel [No longer available]
Poses by Striking Poses and Bone Mosten

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