Sunday, November 14, 2010

30 Days - Day 14

Do you ever see an outfit in your head and so you spend time finding the right pieces, assembling the outfit, getting all the prims perfect...and then it doesn't turn out ANYTHING like you wanted in your head?

Yeah, that was my day.

Style - 30 Days - Day 14

It's not the fault of anything I'm wearing. They're all lovely pieces. I'm just fashion fail tonight.

In this post:

Skin: Phoebe2 - 05 by LAQ
Hair: Lasting 2 in Blonde 07 by Elikatira [modded slightly for hat]
Top: Cardigan in Moss by En Svale
Undershirt: Intrinsic Tank in Khaki by Jane
Skirt: Royal Tartan Skirt by DP YumYum [Modded to be above the knee]
Boots: Olea Boots by Surf Co.
Hat: Ween Cowboy Hat by Reek
Jewelry: Jaded necklace & bracelet by Mariposa
* EyePop Lime by cheLLe
* Everyday Blush 2 by cheLLe
Pose by aDorkable Poses
Photographed in front of the Big Red Barn by Funky Junk

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  1. You could never be fashion fail! Always adorable! <3