Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Days - Day 12

Do you have that one outfit saved in your inventory that you put on when you just can't think of anything else to wear? The one that makes you feel like you can just throw it on and look decent anywhere you go? This one is mine!

Style - 30 Days - Day 12

Well, okay, I'll admit it. This isn't EXACTLY the outfit I had saved, but a variation on one that I made around this cute Izzie Cardigan by Decoy. Everyone's "emergency" outfit should be updated at some point, am I right? :)

I'm standing in the new Story of Home skybox from Awesome Blossom. For a first time attempt at a prefab, Clementine did a great job! You can buy one for Super Bargain Saturday for only $60L, so that's a great deal!

Happy Friday!

In this post:

Skin: Phoebe2 - 05 by LAQ
Hair: Kitty in Latte by Truth
Sweater: Izzie Cardigan by Decoy
Tank: Intrinsic tank in milk by Jane
Jeans: Classic jeans in blue by Zaara
Shoes: Dream.Booties in Copper by
Bracelet: Cosmetics Chain by Mezzo
* Doll Face Eyes by PixelDolls
* Shimmery & Smoke eyeshadow in peacock by Kosh
* Everyday Blush 6 by cheLLe
Pose by Olive Juice
Furniture: Pieces from the Lullaby set by LISP Bazaar
Photo taken in the Story of Home skybox by Awesome Blossom


  1. I know exactly what you mean by emergency outfit! Cute post, cute outfit and adorable pic <333