Friday, January 25, 2013

It is better to be looked over than overlooked.

What could be happening this weekend? Hmmm... could it be... NEW GOS SHOES??

Style - It is better to be looked over than overlooked

If you haven't heard the squealing of shoe lovers over the past couple of weeks as the teases for Gos's new line have been revealed, then you must have had your music up too loud. How gorgeous are the new Mae platform pumps?? I am so in love with them!

But what I'm even MORE in love with is how Gos has made skin tinting a total snap! With his new Gos Boutique OneTime HUD, you will just go to a website, pick your skin, sync your HUD and boom! Perfectly tinted feet! The HUD holds up to 5 skins at a time, so if you have 5 favorite skins that you switch between, when you change your shoes you can just click on your saved skin and that's that. The OneTime HUD will work with all the new shoes and feet, so you won't have to worry about finding the right HUD to work with this pair of shoes or that pair of feet. Gos has 300+ skins in the database currently, so unless you're wearing some totally obscure skin, you should be able to find your perfect match. And of course you can still do a manual match, but really? You most likely won't have to!

The part I really like is that the feet have a "sheath" that goes up your leg a bit so the skin blends almost seamlessly without the highlight of your skin fading off into a solid color. Plus, you can turn the sheath off if you're wearing your shoes with pants. Love!

Be sure to join the Gos Boutique in world group to keep up to date on all the new beauties, get in early to get the shoes, and to get 10% off all Gos Boutique purchases. But do it quick because it won't be free forever!

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Skin: Ava by Belleza
Shoes: Mae Platforms by Gos Boutique
Pose by aDORKable Poses

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