Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today's Gaze: Strawberry Girl

My outfit for today just kind of fell together, mostly in part because of my friend Emerald showed some hair on her blog that I simply HAD to HAVE. Even though it wasn't blonde, I had to have it. And why?

Because of strawberries!!

Strawberries really are my favorite fruit, in taste and smell and look. [Well, I actually like the way cherries look more, but don't tell the strawberries that.] Emerald found the store Malizz Yiyuan Creation, which is a completely new store to me. But as I've mentioned, I loveeee new-to-me stores. Not only did I find the absolutely adorable Strawberry Hair, but I found more strawberry stuff! Emerald, I blame you for my spending today. ;)

The Strawberry Hair is really so cute with that headband [which I had to mod slightly, since I have a huge cranium], and although it only comes in brown, it's color scripted so you can tint it somewhat to make different colors.

I also picked up the cute little StrawBerrYum for my mouth, because once in awhile, you just need something sticking out of your mouth.

And I couldn't leave without those adorable Strawberry Big Star sneakers with the matching socks! The sneakers have a resize script, and as a little bonus, there's a cute little animation in the menu, too! It's not really necessary to the shoe, but I love hidden little things. :) One thing that you may not like is that when you walk, you leave a trail of strawberries. I didn't see a way to turn this off, but you might be able to figure it out.

I put it all together with one of the worn denim miniskirts from Tuli, and a Plain V from K&CO in spring green. And of course I was still wearing my awesome shades from JE*Republic that I showed off in my last post.

Today's Gaze leaves me feeling happy, summery, and strawberry scented. Check out Malizz Yiyuan Creation if you get a chance. There's Midnight Mania, a prize camping chair, and a lucky board. I won't say the items are of the highest quality, but they're fun AND inexpensive. And for me, it was well worth the trip!

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  1. YAY!! I corrupted you with my Strawberry Hair!!! WOOOOOT!