Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Blogs I Love

So the other day, Gogo talked about the top 10 blogs that she loves. I was thrilled to have made the list! She asked what our top 10 were, so here are mine! Not all of them are fashion blogs, and if they're self titled, I didn't add their name. :)

The Blogs I Love

1. What IS Willis Talking About? - Willow Zander

2. Journey of a Virtual Diva - Rylan Carling

3. No Rainey Days - Rainey Manx

4. Lolita Oleander ¿Qué Pasó?

5. JuicyBomb - Gorgeous Yongho

6. Hadlee's Heirlooms - Meg Hadlee

7. SLife Fantastic - Carrie Lexington

8. Bierno and Deeta - Deeta Aeon

9. Lourdes Denimore

10. Luna Jubilee

I have a ton more that I follow and read on a regular basis, but these are the ones that I read most often. What are your favorite SL blogs? :)

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