Saturday, May 28, 2011

Straight Pimpin'

There are two constants in my fashion SLife: I love shoes and I love basics. And that Gospel Voom, wouldn't you know it? He managed to combine both - and then made it BETTER!

Style - Straight Pimpin'

The new Gos Pimp Your Pumps are, without a doubt, my favorite new thing in SL! Coming in 9 unique styles, these are so so so customizable, it's insane. Each style has 15 colors and 6 accents [currently bows], and you can play for ages just making colors to match your outfits! The shoes are also ultra low lag, so you never have to worry you're lagging up a sim by wearing your pretty shoes!

Oh, you want to SEE them? Well, sure!

The Platforms:

Style - Straight Pimpin', Platforms

The Courts:

Style - Straight Pimpin', Courts

The Flats:

Style - Straight Pimpin', Flats

Everything is menu driven by just clicking on your shoes, so no need to fiddle with any HUDs, and since there are no prim feet in the shoes, you don't have to worry about matching skin. A-MAZ-ING. These do NOT have invisiprims, since if you're not using alphas, you're way behind [kidding! well, kind of.], so make sure you're on a viewer where you can use alphas, which I think all of them do now anyway.

The Gos Pimp Your Pumps will be released on Sunday [tomorrow!!] and I KNOW you guys will just love love love them! In the future, more accent and texture packs will be released, since you know Gos is all about options. This is just the beginning!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Luxe 2 by Curio
Hair: Courtney in Raven by Truth
Shirt: Layering Tee in Raven by Jane
Tank: Bicyclette in Sky by Ingenue
Shorts: Moody Tweed in Black by Jane
Shoes: Pimp Your Pumps Classic Platforms by Gos
Bracelet: Friendo Bracelet by Miel
Poses by Olive Juice and aDorkable Poses

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