Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reek Raid Light Ups

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Shoe Fair - Reek Raid Light Ups

It’s not always easy to find a nice pair of trainers that aren’t Chuck style or that don’t make your feet look like boats. Riq Graves of Reek has managed to do it, though, with his new Raid Light Ups. Oh, these are just too cute for words! You don’t just get an amazing pair of sneaks, but true to their name, they have little flashes of light when you walk! I can’t even tell you guys how long I spent walking around just to watch my shoes.

The shoes come with sizes for both men and women, but of course are able to be resized so that you get your perfect fit. The nifty little HUD allows for over 20 color options, plus 5 presets. Honestly, you can customize these to your heart’s content. I just went with a preset for this photo because it was pretty!

Reek can be found on the Rhodium sim at the Shoe Fair.

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Bloom Doll Avatar - Boo Bloom by Surf Co.
Hair: Hye in Blonde 02 by Elikatira [Modded for head, obviously!]
Shirt: Girl Next Door by T-Junction
Shorts: Cheer Shorts in White/Frost by Sn@tch
Shoes: Raid Light Ups by Reek [Shoe Fair 2011]
Pose by Exposeur

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  1. My four-year-old niece wore these shoes over to my house Saturday. Real ones, I mean, not the Reek shoes!

    After spending 30 minutes with her, I realized those damn things were either going to trigger a seizure or induce a migraine. Those flashing lights when she runs - woooooo. It's like someone sat down and said, "How can we help little kids be as annoying as possible?"

    I think I bought these Reek shoes! I'm not sure. I need to stop buying things, throwing them in my inventory and immediately forgetting about them. HELP I'M A HOARDER!

    Word verification: Hemisted. He misted.