Friday, October 16, 2009

Today's Gaze: $50L Barbie

Unless you live under a non-fashion rock, you've probably at least heard of Fifty Linden Friday. Put together originally by OMGWTF Barbeque of This Is A Fawn, every Friday from midnight to midnight SLT, a group of designers offer a $50L item in their stores. It's a small group of designers, usually about 10-12, so it's not overwhelming at all. I'm not sure how the stores are chosen. Some are in every Friday group, some switch out, but each Friday it's just so much fun to pop over to the participating stores and see what the generous designers have set out. There is also a group in world to get the list each week, although the participating designers usually send one out through their groups and subscriber groups. I joined the group to get the list to send to my friends each week, so if you ever really need it, feel free to IM me on a Thursday to get it. :)

Today's Gaze is put together from a super cute sweater dress, the Cuddle Maxipull, from Fishy Strawberry. It's pink, which you all KNOW that I love, and it has such a Barbie Doll feel to it, I couldn't resist! Especially since it was only $50L! I paired it up with the [non-$50L items] Stiletto Moody Tall Boots in Mulberry, the Cerra skin in Bullet from Staged, Deena hair in Happy Blonde from, Beloved Aquamarine eyes by Beloved Custom Designs, and because no Barbie is complete without her diamonds, the gorgeous Heavenly Ring from ~flirt~. My poses are from Long Awkward Pose, who is also participating in this week's $50L Friday.

Remember, $50L Friday only lasts for 24 hours, so get out there and shop!! Oh, you twisted my arm. Here's the list of stores for this week. ;)

This Is A Fawn
Silent Sparrow
Whippet & Buck
Ty Zvezda
Long Awkward Pose
Milk Motion
Fishy Strawberry
Clawtooth By Clawtooth
So Many Styles

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