Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Blacklisted Has Never Been So Cute!

When I'm on my island fixing things or moving things around, I don't usually pay that much attention to what I'm wearing, probably to my neighbors' distress. I could be in a formal, or in a bathing suit, or not wearing anything at all. Luckily for me, designer Gauge Laville of Blacklisted created some adorable lingerie sets about a month ago, and since then he's added 3 new ones to his lineup. They're so cute, in fact, that I feel entirely comfortable running around the island in them. These are just made to be seen!

Lately in +bl+ Teal - $199L

Breathe Me in grapeplaid - $199L

Bad Things in tru-blood - 199L [Gee, wonder where that name came from!]

If you picked up his last sets, you owe it to yourself to run down to Blacklisted and get these as well, because these are even better than the last! If you get the Triple Threat fatpack for $499L, you also get matching stockings for each set. I'm not actually a fan of stockings with print on them [I find they go too weird at the ankle] but if you are, you'll love these.

Time to shop!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Deep Smoke by League
Eyes: Zbilja Spirit in Crystal Blue by Exodi [Group gift]
Lashes: Girls Secret by Hair OH
Facial Piercings: Funky Heart Piercings by Lostwood [Prize camping item]
Tattoo: Creeping Roses by Tuli [found in a hunt earlier this year]

Lately set:
Hair: Serena in Happy Blond by
Boots: Engineer Long Boots by J's
Bracelet: Skully Pearly Bracelet by Lostwood [freebie]
Ring: Butterfly Duo by SyDS

Breathe Me set:
Hair: Deena in Happy Blond by

Bad Things set:
Hair: Jasmine.2 in Happy Blond by
Shoes: Starley pumps in red by ETD

Poses by Pffiou! [Unavailable while creator is on hiatus]

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