Sunday, October 11, 2009

Asian Beauty

I've been a huge fan of Sioxie Legend of Second Wave Apparel for years. She does lovely work and keeps the prices pretty affordable, along with having some great sales from time to time.

Her latest release, the gorgeous new silk Cheongsams, are just toooo cute! I feel really lucky that I got them dropped on me as review copies today.

These silk cheongsams come with embroidered gold dragons and frog closures. Very detailed, very gorgeous. You also get some gold baby dragon earrings and the China doll flat shoes, along with a pretty parasol! Each set is just $350L, which you have to admit is a great deal for an entire outfit that includes shoes. You can choose either red or black, but I would just LOVE to see a dark blue one! [Hint hint, Sioxie!! LOL!]

Be sure to look around Second Wave Apparel when you go to pick these cheongsams up. I just know you'll find something you love!

Also in this post:

Skin: Misty Pale in Glam by League
Hair: Kira in Licorice by Frangipani [No longer available]
Eyes: Beloved Emerald by Beloved Custom Designs
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by Cake
Indian Bangles by Zaara [Unsure if they're still available, I think they were free]
Poses by On The Cover and ImpEle

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  1. Very nice! Great pics - I love the spine tattoo that you chose to go with this. Perfect! I always make all the layers so people can wear their tatoos or whatevs. Thanks for the review!