Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earth Mother

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time period, because I could TOTALLY see myself as some hippie earth mother type. Luckily in SL, I can play out my tambourine dreams with a lovely new dress from Raspberry Aristocrat!

Style - Earth Mother

The Heirloom dress is a mesh dress, and no, this blog won't be all mesh all the time, but you have to admit, mesh is REALLY fun to play with!!  I really like this dress because of the very pretty halter style bodice.  Sexy, without giving away the farm!

And of course, if you're not in a mesh compatible viewer yet, you won't see this lovely dress the way it should be.  So switch viewers, and head over to Raspberry Aristocrat to pick this up!  Oh, actually, I think it's inside of JANE right now!

In this post:

Skin: Lustre in Glamour Puss 1 by Curio
Hair: Aiyana (Plain) in Auburn by Truth
Dress: Heirloom in River by Raspberry Aristocrat
Shoes: Vixie Flat Sandals by Nardcotix
Indra Stacked Bangles by Zaara
Andrea Head Decor by SoliDea Little Folies
Pose by Exposeur

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