Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's Gaze - Spring Fling

I'll be the first to admit, I have a hard time mixing and matching pieces in my inventory to create something great. But once in a while, I'll play around and come up with something that, while pretty simple, makes me happy. Today's outfit makes me think of springtime, and as everyone knows, I'm a total springtime sunshine girl!

Review - Today's Gaze - Spring Fling

Yesterday I went to riotvend at Sn@tch and I didn't even SEE what I was getting when I bought it [I was having rezzing issues!], I just took the word of a friend that it was cute. And right she was, because I ended up with this CUTE skirt! The Knick Knack set has 6 colors of these just adorable skirts, plus a really cute white top, which I am not wearing here. These skirts make me so so happy! I know people usually think of Sn@tch for just more dark, punk/goth/urban type clothing, but when Ivey does cute, she does it very well!

The rest of the outfit just fell into place after putting on the very pretty skirt. My top comes from the Reale Bolero set. I always knew I'd find a place for this tank, and I do so love a great, plain white tank or shirt. My shoes are probably my favorite wedge sandals in SL, the Sunny sandals from G Field. I love bangles, so these Terra Verde bangles [and necklace, which you can't see that well in the picture] from Cad & Tart just yelled "Put me on!" at me. And I just love love the new Sydney hair from Truth, with the color changing headband. The whole look was just very fresh to me, so I put on the Alyson skin in makeup #2 by Belleza. I'm really more of a Belle girl, as proven by how often I just don't change skins, but Alyson's sweet face was necessary! And my pose is from Glitterati, which is probably in my top 3 of favorite pose stores.

I hope Sophia doesn't mind I terraformed her backyard a bit for this photo. Shh...we won't tell her. ♥

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