Sunday, December 13, 2009

Musashi-Do & SySy's Designs Sponsor The World Holidays 2009 Exhibition and Contest

I don't usually post a lot about contests in here, but this one, I simply have to tell you guys about!

Currently happening on the 4th floor of the Musashi-Do mainstore is the Milano Holidays 2009 Photograph Exhibit. You can see awesome photos taken of Milan, Italy, by designer Shiryu Musashi. You also can get a free photo every day, or purchase a charity frame for $250L, with the proceeds from that going to Toys For Tots. I've seen the photos, and since Italy is a dream destination of mine, I absolutely love the exhibit!

But the World Holidays 2009 exhibition will open on December 20th, and this is where you guys come in! You need to send photos of YOUR local area and how it gets dressed up for the holidays! You can find all the rules and legal stuff on this page of the Musashi-Do blog, but let me tell you about the prizes!!

1st: 1 copy of every outfit Musashi-Do releases from December the 20th 2009 onwards, for life!
2nd: 1 copy of every outfit SySy's releases from December the 20th 2009 onwards, for life!
3rd to 10th: a 1000 L$ Musashi-Do Gift Card + a 1000 L$ Sysy Gift Card!

Pretty nice! Who wouldn't want free new releases for life from both of these wonderful designers??

Now if you'll excuse me...I need to go take some pics!

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