Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project Donate

I'm sure you've heard, but if you haven't, Project Donate is starting up, with the first event benefiting the UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis and will run from September 4-19, 2010. This is a very worthy cause. I pulled this off of the Project Donate blog:

Facts about the 2010 Pakistan floods

(Data source: Reuters, dated 20 Aug. 2010)

* There have been more than 1,600 deaths.

* 4,000,000 people have been rendered homeless.

* 8,000,000 people have been identified as needing urgent assistance and medical care.

* Up to 20,000,000 people have been affected by the floods.

* Up to 3,500,000 children are in danger of contracting water and insect borne diseases.

* The floods have ruined over 1,600,000 acres of crops and 200,000 livestock animals have died.


$6 [Approx. $1500L] can provide three 10-liter collapsible water containers for transporting and storing water.

$60 [Approx. $16,000L] can provide 20 sheets of tarpaulin, providing simple shelter or ground sheeting for several families.

$200 [Approx. $54,000L] can provide one recreation kit for 90 children to enjoy physical activity and play in times of emergency or displacement-containing items such as Frisbees, jump ropes, footballs, volleyballs, handballs, whistles, a chalkboard and chalk, etc.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake, on the flooding in Pakistan

“Mothers are fleeing flooded homes with nothing but their babies clinging to their backs; people waving for help from the top of stranded buses as the waters rise around them; desperately thirsty children drinking from contaminated water sources. The humanitarian tragedy in Pakistan has reached tragic proportions. But serious shortfalls in funding are limiting our ability to save lives as the crisis worsens”.

Now let’s talk hope

September 4-19, Project Donate which consists of some of your favorite designers, bloggers and SL residents are coming together to do something…to raise hope. Many have created items -several of them in under one week - and are donating a percentage, if not the entire profit, to the UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis Fund. You can start to view some of the items that will be out for sale on the Project Donate Flickr Group.

If you have any further questions regarding Project Donate, please drop a note card on Unicef Rainfall which is the account created by Truth Hawks, the founder of Project Donate, to answer any questions.

Please contact Keira Seerose for Vendor or Blogger applications.


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