Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well, I probably won't jog in them...

I hate doing laundry. Hate! But at least I can be comfortable when washing last night's party dress with my new Joggers from MNA!

Review - MNA - Joggers

I have been looking for some great sweatpants in SL for a while because, hello, they're my favorite thing to wear in the physical world! [What? You thought I was blogging while wearing heels and a corset?] The Joggers from MNA come in several different colors [I'm wearing blue] and just look so comfy and soft. Love them!

You can pick up your Joggers at the mainstore, and hey, take your guy along with you! If you didn't know, MNA is the women's part of the men's store, FIR, and they have their own Joggers, too! One stop shopping is always a great thing!

Also in this post:

Skin: Elle #14 by Belleza
Hair: Milla in Swedish by Truth
Shirt: White tank, part of the Anjuna set by Zaara
Shoes: Demi Trainers in Moonbeam by ETD [No longer available. *cries*]
Pose by Exposeur [Which is in the same sim as MNA!]

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